HR2IT is brought to you by Ouellette & Associates who, for more than 30 years, has developed the human side of technology, transforming thousands of IT organizations worldwide.

We rarely see a successful IT transformation without a strong HR business partner working at the side of the CIO.  But HR executives have nowhere to turn for the specialty resources needed to develop the IT organization.

That’s why we created HR2IT.

HR2IT is designed specifically for HR executives that support IT.  Our objective is to help you in two ways.  First is by creating a community where you and your peers can share experiences and best practices.  Second is by providing thought leadership and resources that you can use every day.

IT is on an accelerated journey up the Maturity Curve.  They need to develop the skills and culture that will earn the credibility and respect of the business community.  Then, and only then, will IT be trusted to lead innovation and disruption.

HR2IT provides you with the resources you need to drive a culture of service excellence, collaboration and innovation across the IT organization that you support.

This exclusive community will transform IT organizations and drive business success!

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