August 7, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 1


Members in the News: CarMax Transforms
Research Center: Agile Leadership
Events: Webinar – Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT
Coming Soon: Labor Market Reports


Welcome to the first issue of HR2IT Insider. Each week you can anticipate developments in the community, news about our member organizations, timely research and, soon, insightful profiles of our members. We’re calling that feature “HR2IT Trailblazers” and when you meet those members, you’ll agree that the name applies.


Members in the News: CarMax Transforms

A recent article on highlighted CarMax. In the piece, HR2IT Founding Partner Martha Heller talks to CarMax CIO Shamim Mohammad about his bold initiative to turn his IT team into a product organization. He offers a number of tips on how to transform an organization and its approach to talent.


Martha Heller: How did you transform IT into a product organization?

Shamim Mohammad: Over the past three years, we’ve been focused on a larger IT transformation to allow us to be more innovative and agile. We’ve also focused key parts of our IT department to operate as a product organization.
Transforming to a product organization is not only an IT initiative, it’s a cross-company priority. It required a total change in how we think and what we do. In the beginning, we knew we needed to make some major changes, which we internally called “shocking the system.” In our offices, we removed cubes and created collaborative spaces. We co-located staff so that IT associates now sit within their product teams alongside marketing and other cross-functional team members. And we created a new IT operating and investing model based on product teams that allows us to focus on true business outcomes and not output.

Research Center: Agile Leadership

Recently, i4cp Creative Director Eric Davis published an infographic describing the qualities of an agile leader, as gleaned from a survey of more than 1,800 i4cp members. The Institute for Corporate Productivity definitely knows its way around leadership issues—and their Chief Research Officer, Kevin Martin, is a Founding Partner of HR2IT. Here’s an excerpt from Davis’ post.

Agile organizations require agile leaders. These leaders are boundaryless—they see beyond self and silo; create inclusive and innovative environments; ensure alignment with head and heart; and build purposeful networks across the enterprise ecosystem. High-performance organizations strive to have leaders who are effective at the following traits—all are highly correlated to market performance and agility effectiveness.

Events: Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT

There is still time to register for the August 23 webinar, part of the HR2IT Next Practices Webinar Series.

Coming Soon: Labor Market Insights

We are providing detailed labor market reports, specific to your company, as an added benefit for our Founding Members and the next 10 new members. Please contact Jessica Taylor (see below) to schedule your one-on-one meeting to review these labor market insights.

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