November 13, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 10


Members in the News:  AbbVie’s Clinical Trials, Millennial Style
Research Center: Talent Gap Widens as Firms Battle for AI, Data Skills
Events: HR2IT Community Meeting – November 27, 2018
New Member Welcome: Jennifer Salloukh, Owens Corning
Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazer, The Hanover Insurance Group 


In this issue of HR2IT Insider we take a look at AbbVie and how they’re incorporating digital health into their clinical trials. We share research from IDC on the technical skills gap that continues to widen and the IT jobs that will be left open by 2022. We’re also expanding our topics to include a snapshot of new members to the Community.

Members in the News: AbbVie – Clinical Trials, Millennial Style

Rob Scott, M.D. and AbbVie’s Chief Medical Officer and VP of Development talks about the power of digital health. The article tells a fantastic story on how digital health will transform everything about clinical trials from recruitment to helping patients direct the course of their own trial experience.

In the article – Clinical Trials, Millennial Style, Rob Scott goes on to say “you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be successful tomorrow.” See what else he has to say… Read the article here


Research Center: Talent Gap Widens as Firms Battle for AI, Data Skills

The competition for digital skills not only continues to widen but broaden. The gap goes beyond technical and data science skills with employers also expecting workers to have skills in leadership, business and marketing.

An article written by Angus Loten for The Wall Street Journal shares recent research from IDC about the digital skills gap competition. Read the story 

Events: Next HR2IT Community Meeting & Webinar, November 27th

The next HR2IT Community event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th at 11:00 a.m. EDT. The live webinar and open conversation will provide you with another professional development opportunity. Consulting Skills for the HR Professional will help you to understand how using a consultative method and approach with business partners and clients helps influence positive outcomes and results. Once again, we encourage you to invite colleagues and cohorts from across your organization and company to attend. 

New Member Welcome: Jennifer Salloukh, HR Leader, Global Information Services and Human Resources

Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazers – The Hanover Insurance Group

HR2IT Trailblazers will return with a fascinating profile on Founding Member Kelly Villanueva, AVP and HR Strategic Business Partner at The Hanover Insurance Group. Keep a close watch on your inbox for the next HR2IT Trailblazer.

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