August 14, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 2


Members in the News: Can Win Big with Einstein AI
Research Center: The CIO Agenda: Driving Value from Transformation
Events: Webinar – Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT
Coming Soon: Founding Member Profiles

We hope you enjoyed the first issue of HR2IT Insider last week. This week we have recent news about another member organization and some more timely research. And remember to share the upcoming webinar details with your colleagues.


Members in the News: Can Win Big with Einstein AI

A recent article in The Motley Fool highlighted how artificial intelligence is a big play for, whose Mira Hammond is a founding member of HR2IT. While Salesforce is building AI into it’s software platform, the applications of AI that are described in the article should get all of us thinking about our own digital transformations and how we improve the customer experience. This article should also make us consider the challenge of changing the skills and culture of our workforce to compete in the increasingly digital business environment.

Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform has caught the limelight because of its ability to predict sales outcomes based on the data fed into it, but it can now do more thanks to a recent upgrade. It is now capable of taking on customer service chores after the addition of the Einstein Bots for Service feature. 
Salesforce clients will now be able to defer routine customer service requests to bots, which will use a mix of machine learning, natural language processing, and customer history to handle them. What’s more, in case the bot thinks that human intervention is needed, it can transfer the call to a human customer service associate.

Research Center: The CIO Agenda: Driving Value from Transformation

The Hackett Group published a very insightful report on The CIO Agenda: Driving Value from Transformation. You can download the full report by just providing your contact information. Note the similarities in the priorities stated by HR2IT Founding members and the research by The Hackett Group. 

One of IT’s 2018 mission priorities will be to unlock the value of digital business. To do so, the function will need to continue enabling enterprise transformation while simultaneously conducting its own digital makeover. As IT harnesses innovative and disruptive technologies, the organization also needs to ensure operational excellence by integrating and managing the new tools with legacy IT environments. The Hackett Group’s 2018 Key Issues Study found that aligning talent and enabling analytics are top IT organization priorities for accomplishing these goals.

In fact, analytics technologies are predicted to achieve the highest adoption rate of any digital tool. Yet, analytics initiatives and staffing are not among the improvement initiatives most commonly planned by IT organizations for 2018. This signifies a strategic disconnect that could hinder the function’s digital value mission.
Events: Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT

There is still time to register for the August 23 webinar, part of the HR2IT Next Practices Webinar Series.

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Coming Soon: Founding Member Profiles – HR2IT Trailblazers

Interviews are starting for HR2IT Trailblazers, our Founding Member profiles. This will be your opportunity to share your background, goals, and areas of expertise. These profiles will also help each of you identify peers with common objectives and challenges, providing more opportunities for collaboration. 

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