August 21, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 3

Members in the News: Monsanto Recognized as CIO 100 Winner
Research Center: The CHRO Agenda – Enabling Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage
Events: Webinar – Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT
Coming Soon: The Critical Importance of Your Employer Brand
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Members in the News: Monsanto Recognized as CIO 100 Winner
Congratulations to Jim Swanson, CIO of Monsanto Co., for being recognized as a CIO 100 Innovation winner. Malvika Jhangiani, Global HR Director, is a founding member of HR2IT.


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As part of its digital transformation, Monsanto Co. has created a strategic partnership platform to innovate rapidly and drive change in collaboration with start-ups and industry leaders. The company believes this is the first effort in the agricultural industry to rapidly digitize and increase farm productivity globally by utilizing all facets of the business in partnership with other emerging leaders in innovation. Through its partnership platform, Monsanto maintains an annual pipeline of approximately 800 start-ups, 175 with active conversations, 40 with active test-and-learn experiments and 10 with licensing deals. Through these partnerships, Monsanto has leveraged external innovations across all internal functions, including R&D, supply chain, commercial, finance, sales and marketing and IT. For example, the company’s partnership with an advanced Internet-of-Things partner led to enabling sensors with exact GPS, accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors in 500 of its trucks to enable tracking of 5,000 loads of corn with $1 million in savings.


Research Center: The CHRO Agenda: Enabling Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage
The 2018 edition of The Hackett Group’s annual Key Issues Study draws many parallels with the key priorities that our Founding Members highlighted in our recent survey. A brief excerpt follows and you can download the full report with the link below. 

HR organizations plan to accelerate development of their capabilities in 2018. But many will need to do so with flat or declining budgets and staffing levels. Major initiatives to smooth enterprise digital change, overhaul organization culture, and close critical gaps in HCM analytics, technology and talent management capabilities are on this year’s agenda. The pace of digital technology adoption is expected to speed up, led by social media, cloud and mobile applications. However, not all of the most urgent capability gaps will be addressed during the year, putting business and HR priorities at risk.

Key takeaways:

  • Greater focus in 2018 on critical capability gaps – but not all of them: Planned improvements center on vital needs, but many HR organizations are failing to address critical enterprise goals, including developing executives who can lead in volatile environments, enabling business strategy execution, and dealing with critical talent/skill shortages.
  • Other important needs largely neglected: Urgent capability shortfalls pertaining to HR skills, HR organizational agility, and alignment of workforce and business strategy will not receive the attention they need.
  • Digital strategy execution gap persists: Most HR executives recognize digital technology’s potential to transform the enterprise as well as HR roles and operating models, yet less than half believe their organization has the strategies and resources required for successful execution.
Events: Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT
Even if you cannot attend the live event, register for the August 23 webinar, part of the HR2IT Next Practices Webinar Series, to get access to the recording.
Coming Soon: The Critical Importance of Your Employer Brand
The IT unemployment rate is nearing 0%. How are you going to attract and retain the best talent in this competitive market and at a time when the pressure on IT is increasing rapidly? We’ll share an article that details how to build your Employer Brand as part of your strategic workforce plan.
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