August 28, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 4


Members in the News: Digital Transformation – What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?
Research Center: The Power and Impact of a Development Culture
Events: Webinar Recording Available – Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT
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Members in the News: Digital Transformation: What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?

A recent article in mentions AbbVie as a good example of how pharmaceutical companies are approaching digital transformation. As the article points out, Abbvie “restructured to place patient-centricity and innovative thinking at its core”. While written for a pharma audience, the approaches shown in this article are good examples for everyone. Demetris “D” Crum of AbbVie is a founding member of HR2IT.

Major pharma companies would be remiss to sit back and watch startups and Big Tech transform the landscape around them. Right now, the smartest incumbents are channeling the forces of disruption to their own ends, leading digital transformation in order to avoid ultimately being left behind.

How can these major pharma companies avoid irrelevance in a time of overwhelming change? While there is no “right” answer or “one-size-fits-all” solution, we took a look at what they’re currently doing to help better assess the landscape.

Research Center: The Power and Impact of a Development Culture

Jay Jamrog, co-founder of The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), recently wrote about a Development Culture versus a Learning Culture. Given low unemployment and increased challenges to retain great employees, Jay’s observations and the i4cp research are very timely. Jay’s article, below, is particularly timely for the HR Business Partner to IT.


I was recently asked to keynote an HR Conference on the topic of “a learning culture.” This is a hot topic today, and i4cp’s research shows that high-performance organizations are 5x more likely to have learning cultures than lower-performing organizations.

I was curious about how audience members defined “learning culture,” and so I asked. There was some nervous hesitation, but people started offering input. To no one’s surprise, the answers were all over the place; while some said it was an organizational value, others described programs and policies, and still others described the behavior of individuals. I thanked them and asked: if I exchanged the word “learning” with “development,” would that make it easier to define?

The mood of the audience changed dramatically because the topic now was less of an esoteric, academic exercise, and one that was easier to understand and actionable. As I continued with my presentation of i4cp’s research, I instructed the audience that when they see the word “learning” on a slide, to read “development” instead.

Events: Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT

The recent webinar on the Emerging Role of the HR Business Partner to IT was very well received. Click here to watch the recording.

Coming Soon: HR2IT TRailblazers

We’ve completed our first HR2IT Trailblazers profile and will be publishing it in the next few days. Watch your email!

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