September 4, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 5


Members in the News: Boeing and AI Driven Innovation
Research Center: i4cp Report – How to Avoid Collaborative Overload
Events: Founding Member Quarterly Call
Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazers Featuring Mylene Barizo of Boeing

This week we have a double feature on Boeing. It starts with a thought-provoking feature on their use of artificial intelligence to drive innovation. And, later, we profile Mylene Barizo in our first HR2IT Trailblazers profile. We also share some fascinating research and highlight our next event.

Members in the News: Boeing and AI Driven Innovation

Harish Rao, senior director of analytics at Boeing, was featured on Boeing’s “Innovation Quarterly” web site where he explained how Boeing uses AI to innovate. While the examples are specific to Boeing, the approach should provoke conversations across your organizations. Mylene Barizo of Boeing is a founding member of HR2IT.

Every day at Boeing, we generate an enormous amount of data

Imagine you have to read 10 pages of handwritten notes, find symptoms, diagnose the problem, correlate the problems and suggest recommendations. This may sound easy enough to a data expert—but it can be time consuming.

Now imagine this same exercise for 500 million pages. The time, effort, accuracy and cost required would be overwhelming.

At Boeing, we have successfully built and trained machine-learning algorithms that can identify patterns in data, and make recommendations accurately within just a few minutes.

Research Center: i4cp Report – How to Avoid Collaborative Overload

Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), in collaboration with Professor Rob Cross of Babson College, published a report on “healthy collaboration”. According to their research, “healthy collaboration thrives in an atmosphere of trust, and trust grows in an environment focused on common purpose.” You can download the full report, along with i4cp’s Purposeful Collaboration Model, via the link, below. Here is an excerpt of the report.

Collaborative overload is a growing problem, but it’s one that is overlooked in most organizations. 

How to Avoid Collaborative Overload is the final brief in a four-part series on collaboration in high-performance organizations. The research was conducted in partnership by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and organizational network analysis (ONA) thought leader Rob Cross.

This brief provides:

– Effective ways to identify and avoid collaborative overload
– Four research-based workplace practices that enable collaboration
– Several next practices high-performance organizations are implementing
– A link to Cross’ Collaborative Overload assessment 

Events: Founding Member Quarterly Call

The quarterly call for HR2IT Founding Members will be on September 11 at 11:00 AM eastern time. Check your email for details or contact Jessica Taylor, Executive Director, at

Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazers Featuring Mylene Barizo of Boeing

HR2IT Trailblazers makes its debut this week with a fascinating profile of Mylene Barizo, IT Human Resources Director for Boeing. As Ted Colbert, Boeing CIO, described, “Mylene is a burst of sunshine on the team. In addition to the energy she brings to the team, her leadership is about leveraging her skills and expertise to get to outcomes—and those outcomes are all about achieving our business objectives through our talented workforce.”

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