September 18, 2018 – Volume 1 Issue 7


Members in the News: Schneider Electric – The Rise of the Extended Enterprise in Today’s Digital Economy
Research Center: Envisioning World-Class Digital IT
Events: Webinar – Changing Culture and Cultivating New Talent in IT
Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazers – Monsanto’s Malvika Jhangiani


In this issue of HR2IT Insider we look at Schneider Electric and their “exterprise”, the extended enterprise for today’s digital economy.  We also present research from the Hackett Group exploring IT’s dual challenge of transforming themselves while transforming the enterprise.

Members in the News: Schneider Electric – The Rise of the Extended Enterprise in Today’s Digital Economy

Jean-Pascal Tricoire posted on the Schneider Electric blog the following article about the role of the extended enterprise in today’s digital economy. Amy deCastro, VP of HR, Schneider Digital is a founding member of HR2IT. Jean-Pascal’s post provides great insight on thinking about your business differently to accelerate and improve the customer experience and business performance.

The concept of an “extended enterprise”—that is, a network of partner relationships—is not new. A single company cannot operate successfully in a silo to serve its customers best. Instead, a successful corporation depends on an ecosystem of partnerships, including suppliers, system integrators, and innovation partners such as universities, startups, technology alliances, and more. For Schneider Electric, this extended enterprise ensures that Life Is On™ everywhere, for everyone, and at every moment.

The concept of extended enterprise is rising today because of several converging factors…


Research Center: Envisioning World-Class Digital IT

Richard Pastore, Scott Holland and Christopher Key of the Hackett Group recently published a research report emphasizing how IT is changing itself at the same time they are transforming the enterprise. While the research presents valuable, actionable findings for IT we also want to emphasize the critical role HR plays in advancing the culture of both IT and the enterprise. And while IT can introduce transformative technology HR must drive the enterprise with digital fluency and change readiness.

IT organizations are either starting out or in the midst of a two-pronged mission to enable their business’s digital transformation, and to transform their own IT functions into customer-centric, innovative and agile operations. The missions are interdependent and their pursuit leads toward world-class IT efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

While best practices to achieve these goals are still emerging, The Hackett Group has identified approaches associated with transformational top performance, and has amassed benchmarks for fundamentals critical to the capabilities that IT must improve and apply.

Events: Changing Culture and Cultivating New Talent in IT

There is still time to register for the September 20th webinar, part of the HR2IT Next Practices Webinar Series.

Coming Soon: HR2IT Trailblazers – Monsanto’s Malvika Jhangiani

HR2IT Trailblazers returns this week with a fascinating profile of Malvika Jhangiani, Global HR Director with responsibility for Corporate Strategy and Global IT for Monsanto (recently acquired by Bayer). Her CIO, Jim Swanson (who is now Senior Vice President / CIO and Head of Digital Transformation at Bayer Crop Science), calls her a powerful change agent. “Malvika thrives on making things better, on transforming and disrupting—and she’s got the courage to do it,” he says. “I don’t just talk to Malvika about our attrition rate or how to develop talent. I listen to Malvika because of the thought leadership and the diversity of thinking she brings to any problem or opportunity I have in front of me. She’s critical to my success.”



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