March 7, 2019 – Volume 2 Issue 5


About HR2IT: The Community
Members in the News: Schneider Electric’s Secret to Creating a Compelling Employer Brand
Research Center: The Post Digital Era is Upon Us
Events: Culture Renovation – A Blueprint for Action Webcast

About HR2IT

HR2IT is an exclusive community of HR executives sharing resources and best practices for supporting the unique needs of the CIO & IT. HR2IT is committed to helping its members build an IT Workforce Strategy that differentiates their organizations in the marketplace and equips them to execute their company’s digital transformation journey

Member in the News: Schneider Electric on the Secret to Creating a Compelling Employer Brand

Schneider Electric’s CMO Chris Leong and Senior Director, Global Employer Branding Yeonjoo Lee, provide their point of view about employer branding and the roles both marketing and HR play. Read it here in “the suite brew #03” interview.

Research Center: The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us 

Accenture Technology Vision 2019 Executive Summary suggests that digital itself is no longer a differentiator and asks Are You Ready for What’s Next?

This innovative research is worthy of the time it takes to read (~20 minutes). The #3 trend in the research speaks to a “human+” workforce and the importance of incorporating training and learning needs into technology strategies. Full Report


Events: Culture Renovation – A Blueprint for Action 

Please join us for this illuminating webcast, March 27th at 11:00 am EDT. Be among the 15% of hi-performing organizations who know the Leadership actions and HR talent practices that make the greatest impact on culture transformation. Spend 30 minutes with Ouellette & Associates CEO and HR2IT Founder Dan Roberts, and i4cp Chief Research Officer Kevin Martin as they share with you key results and actionable insights linked to driving and sustaining a successful culture transformation. Register today!

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