June 11, 2019 – Volume 2 Issue 10


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Member in the News: Salesforce and Tableau Come Together to Supercharge Customers’ Digital Transformations
Research Report: World-Class HR – Redefining Performance in a Digital Era
Press Release: ContinuousNext Strategy – Formula for Success 
HR2IT Trailblazer: Schneider Electric’s Amy deCastro Accelerates the Digital Journey

Rarely seen is a successful IT transformation without a strong HR business partner

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Member Organization in the News – Salesforce and Tableau Come Together to Supercharge Customers’ Digital Transformations

In this article, Forbes Contributor, Bernard Marr tells the story of Carnival Cruises, Ocean Medallion and how this technology is elevating the customer cruising experience that’s helping Carnival achieve that competitive edge.
Read more about Carnival’s use of IoT and AI.

Research Report: World-Class HR-Redefining Performance in a Digital Era

Digital competition is shaping the business model of the future and changing everything. 60% of business leaders responding to The Hackett Groups 2019 Key Issues Study say digital transformation has already had a high or very high impact on their industry and affected their operating model. Responses from HR executives are similar and anticipate high impact on the HR function’s performance over the next two to three years. Download the report.

Press Release: Gartner Says ContinuousNext is the Formula for Success through Digital Transformation and Beyond

Culture is among the five imperatives for a ContinuousNext strategy identified by analysts at Gartner’s 2019 IT Symposium/Xpo in Toronto. Learn about the other four imperatives CIOs should implement for a ContinuousNext strategy and approach. 

Schneider Electric’s Amy deCastro Accelerates the Digital Journey

When Dan Roberts, Ouellette & Associates CEO and HR2IT Founder asked CIO Elizabeth Hackenson what is it about Amy (VP, HR, Secure Power NAM) that makes her so successful, she said, “One simple word: trust. One of Amy’s greatest wins is that people ask, ‘Where’s Amy?’ when she’s not at the table.”  Read Amy deCastro’s HR2IT Trailblazer story here.

Trailblazers features HR2IT professionals who are shaking up their practices, challenging assumptions, and transforming HR to be as dynamic and disruptive as the IT space itself. They are charting a new course for the HR profession, and we’re really excited to create a place to share ideas and discoveries.

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