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Members in the News: BOSE – Knowledge Worker for the Robotic Age: Critical Thinking
Research Center: The Hackett Group – Eight Steps for Priming an IT Innovation Culture
Events: HR2IT Community Members Meeting and an upcoming Culture Transformation Webinar
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HR2IT is an exclusive community of HR executives sharing resources and best practices for supporting the unique needs of the CIO & IT. HR2IT is committed to helping its members build an IT Workforce Strategy that differentiates their organizations in the marketplace and equips them to execute their company’s digital transformation journey

  HR2IT Member in the News, BOSE Corporation 

This article, written by Chris McCann, Director of Customer and Partner Services at Bose talks about the momentum of AI and RPA and how the human workers role in the workplace can avoid becoming obsolete. Hint, hint, improve your human skillset. Read the article 

HR2IT Research Partner, The Hackett Group – Eight Steps for Priming an IT Innovation Culture

A majority of IT leaders cited the need for their organizations to shift to a mindset that is performance-driven, collaborative and innovative. This research suggests key steps to help drive and sustain this culture shift. Learn more

  Event: February, Members Only Meeting – Your response is greatly appreciated

Please RSVP to lludwicki@hr2it.com with your preferred date,  February 12 or 13 at 2:00 pm EDT. Thank you!
• Members, your 2019 focus and priorities. A discussion on Workforce Strategy, Digital Proficiency, Culture, Talent or Skills Development. Topics and time to share & collaborate.
• Social Presence – Amplifying the value of your Talent Brand
• HR2IT Online Forum Update

Events: Culture Renovation – A Blueprint for Action Webcast


Culture is the fuel that can either enable an organization to soar to new heights or cause it to burn to the ground. But influencing or changing organizational culture is not easy. In fact, new research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows that only 15% of culture change efforts are successful to a high extent. 

Join Ouellette & Associates CEO and HR2IT Founder, Dan Roberts and i4cp Chief Research Officer, Kevin Martin for an examination of the key findings from this study on the Leadership & HR actions that transform cultures.  
Insights you will gain include: 

• The key actions and practices that have the greatest impact before and during a culture transformation.
• How high-performance organizations successfully measure and monitor their transformation efforts.

Please mark your calendar for March 27th at 11:00 am EDT and watch your inbox for an invitation to register.

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