February 21, 2019 – Volume 2 Issue 4



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Research Center: Gartner Predicts CIOs Will Be as Responsible as CHRO’s for Culture Change
Survey: Automation/AI/Robotics and the Future of Work
Events: Culture Renovation – A Blueprint for Action Webcast, March 27th

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Research Center: Gartner Predicts by 2021, CIOs Will Be as Responsible for Culture Change as Chief HR Officers

When this Gartner Press Release came across my web feed, it was clear that it would be of great interest to this Community. Culture change is the pedal to the metal when digital transformation initiatives need to pick up speed. Read more about the CIO/CHRO partnership and Gartner’s top predictions here.

Survey: Automation/AI/Robotics and the Future of Work

As advances in technology rapidly shift the tasks performed by people and those performed by automation and algorithms, both the nature of work and how it gets done will undergo significant change. 

You’re invited to participate in an important new study, in coordination with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and USC business professor, author, and thought leader John Boudreau, that explores how high-performance organizations are leveraging or preparing for automation / AI / robotics in the workplace as well as in the HR function.

Please participate in this survey by Friday, March 1 and you’ll be the first to receive the initial results followed by the full analysis later in the year. We’d greatly appreciate your input. Thank you!

Events: Culture Renovation – A Blueprint for Action Webcast


Culture is the fuel that can either enable an organization to soar to new heights or cause it to burn to the ground. But influencing or changing organizational culture is not easy. In fact, new research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows that only 15% of culture change efforts are successful to a high extent. 

Join Ouellette & Associates CEO and HR2IT Founder, Dan Roberts and i4cp Chief Research Officer, Kevin Martin for an examination of the key findings from this study on the Leadership & HR actions that transform cultures.  
Insights you will gain include: 

• The key actions and practices that have the greatest impact before and during a culture transformation.
• How high-performance organizations successfully measure and monitor their transformation efforts.

Please mark your calendar for March 27th at 11:00 am EDT and watch your inbox for an invitation to register.

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